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Every girl have their make up favorites but tbh I started using make up (full face inclusive of foundation) very recent. For me make up has always been kohl, liner and lipstick.

Those were my college days but gone are those days. Though even today when I feel extremely lazy (most of the time) I just wear a winged eyeliner and lipstick to conquer the world.

Some of the make up products I absolutely drool over are following

1. Kohl

I still swear by Kohl. I kid you not, when I’m running late and extremely impatient to have the perfect wing I use my kohl to make a thick eyeliner and Voila! we have an amazing eyeliner.

2. Eyeliner

Once I got the hand of eyeliner we have become this inseparable couple. I and my eyeliner are in an unending relationship. #CoupleGoals quite literally. I’ve got this questions like umpteen times that, “Which eyeliner I use” & this is my millionth reply to it that I use Lakme 9-5 liquid liner.

3. Liquid Lipstick

I’m thankful to some anonymous human being who introduced me to liquid lipstick in matte. I owe so much. Just as my eyeliner, my liquid lipstick and I have been together forever. There are some amazing theories that people have for liquid matte lipsticks like it makes your lips look thinner and all but ain’t no body got time for that. I love my matte lipstick, End of story. My ultimate fave has to be Chambor extreme wear transfer proof liquid lisptick

4. Highlighter 

So I remember the person who got me drooling on highlighter i.e. Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials. This lady is goddess of makeup. I was told by a makeup artist not to use highlighter as that will make my face look just little more extra but girls what’s the point of not being that lit’l extra AF. Love yourself and your makeup. Currently I’m using highlighter from Speedy which I bought from Bangkok.

5. Blush

I like the flushed and natural kinda look so I prefer using my liquid lipstick as blush and trust me girls it works as wonder on the skin and you have so many choices in liquid lipstick. I usually prefer using Miss Claire liquid lipstick. They are oh so gorgeous and budget friendly as well

So ya that’s all about it girls! If you wanna check out products just simply click the link mentioned.

Till the time I come back with new post please do take care of yourself.

Love you all,


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