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I have not been a foundation fan until now. I still prefer going naked with my makeup routine on daily basis. But there are many girls who love makeup as much as I do and for them, I’ve broken down some of my fave foundations.

I started off with BB cream coz it’s cheaper (Duh) but also I wasn’t very comfy and confident using a foundation. When I started using makeup on full fledge I experienced that how certain products don’t blend because it requires a foundation. Though I wouldn’t recommend the use of a foundation in your day to day lives. Talking about skin type, I have a combination skin which is a mix of oily and dry. Hence, I prefer foundation which allows me and my skin to have natural oils intact.

1. Lakme 9-5 Naturale Bi-Phase Foundation 

One of my newest addition to the makeup stash is this product. The reason I love this product is that it gives me a really smooth finish and doesn’t make my skin look heavy. Though this product cannot be used as a complete coverage product. I love its formula as it is more liquid than semi-liquid, unlike other foundation. other reasons for liking this product is of the ingredients infused in it which are aloe vera & green tea extracts.

Price: Rs. 500

Quantity: 18ml 

My Shade: Silky Golden

At this price, this product does a great job of giving a flawless finish.

2. Lakme Absolut Argan Oil 

This product is one of the products I literally swear by. One of my very favourite foundations of all. I cannot stop drooling over this product because it is an Argan Oil serum foundation and doesn’t make my skin dry which is thoroughly important for me. I love love love the way it blends with the skin to give that flawless look.

Price: Rs. 525

Quantity: 15ml 

My Shade: Silky Golden

Again this foundation gives medium coverage with a dewy finish but worth every penny.

Last but definitely not the least is my holy grail product for many months which is Maybelline’s Fit me range

3. Maybelline Fit Me 

This is the foundation I use for almost all of my Instagram videos. The texture is thick but smooth as butter. Glides on the skin like a dream. Again it’s a medium coverage but I guess it gives me maximum coverage out of rest two mentioned above. One of the best product created for Indian skin tone which comes in a total of 14 shades.

Price: Rs. 575

Quantity: 30ml

My Shade: 228 Soft Tan 

Please note I use foundation one shade darker than my original skin tone coz I like my skin to be flawless and not fair.

I hope you give these a shot and love them as much as I do.

P.S. no way this is sponsored 🙂

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