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A lot of you message me asking about my skin care routine. To be honest, I don’t have a fixed beauty regime. I give at least 3-4 weeks to any product to work for my skin type. Every skin type is different and hence requires different attention and care.

I’m a huge fan of non-sticky moisturizer because my skin type is combination i.e a mix of dry and oily. Mumbai weather is hot and humid, using an oily moisturizer makes the skin more oily, leaving it sticky.

Since a few months, I started using Ponds Light Moisturiser and I can feel the difference in my skin. First of all, I love the sturdy round packaging of this product. Apart from that the formula of this includes glycerin and Vitamin E. I love the way it blends with the skin. The texture of the cream is really soft on the skin and blends within few mins leaving the skin super soft. Someone with oily skin can also invest in this product.


  1. Simple, Sturdy Packaging making it easy to carry.
  2. Blends within mins of application.
  3. Smells good.
  4. Easy on the pocket.
  5. Used for all seasons.
  6. For all skin types.


Didn’t find any. Loved the product way too much.

Also, this ain’t a sponsored post 🙂

Priced at Rs. 199 for 150 ml is a complete steal.



Till the time I come back please do take care of yourself.

Love all,


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