An Unconventional Bride

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Being a bride is every girl’s dream. Indian bride is all about red lehenga because that’s what we have grown up watching.

Red is a must for a bride because red signifies the colour of love, prosperity, and fertility in Hindu culture. But since the trend is changing, the brides are ditching reds and opting for pastels hues.

Recently I shot an unconventional bride look. A bride who ditches red, who eats, who has her swag before her “Sanskaar”. In real life too I’m this badass who would wear kicks over heels any time of the day.

The whole idea behind this look was to have a modern take to Indian Brides. Also, I would have dressed like this for my wedding coz I would want to look like a bride but with comfort.

I wore this beautiful lehenga (stitched by my tailor) and paired it with Fila kicks, shein sunglasses and eating fries coz why not? Fries before Guys, any time of the day.

Let’s have a look at those kickass pictures.

Lehenga (Material) – Saroj Fabrics, Sunnies – Shein, Kicks – Fila, Jewellery – Local Market in Ahmedabad

That’s how an unconventional and badass bride should be. Though there is no harm in being a Red Bride too, bending rules is what women do in 2019.

If you’ re a would-be-bride,  you should definitely try being a kickass bride.

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