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This post is dedicated to everyone who loves travelling but ultimately overpack and end up having uncomfy + unnecessary things while travelling.

So here I’m with my list of things you should carry during your travel.


I’m not a fan of tote bags or shoulder bags while I’m travelling coz tbh, I hate stuffing things in my tote/shoulder bag and then complaining throughout my trip about the shoulder pain. I carry my laptop even on a holiday, so bag pack is my saviour.


After this celebrity walking in and out of the airport with OTT attires and some really fashionable ones too, I prefer something comfy and chic to the airport because comfort over style is my mantra. So for shorter routes, I prefer baggy types of denim but for longer routes, I prefer breathable fabric like cotton pants, Pallazzo’s or culottes with a tee.

3. Shoes

Irrespective of where you going, always carry a sneaker & one pair of slippers. I made a mistake by not carrying a slipper when I travelled to Bangkok. The reason you need to carry both of these pair of shoes is, visiting a new city and exploring majorly happens by foot and nothing better than a good and comfy pair of sneakers and after a long tiring day, nothing can beat slip on.

4. PullOver

I’m someone who usually feels a little colder than the rest of the people, so, I usually prefer carrying my hoodie or wear a sweatshirt when I’m travelling. Hoodie/Sweatshirt does the job for me but if you are someone who doesn’t like these things can carry a thinner layer up for yourself which can be any knitwear but this can be optional.

5. Sunscreen

A must-have product. Go anywhere for vacay, but, you need sunscreen. One of my very first sunscreens was from Banana Boat. Sunscreen helps you fight from harmful UV rays so irrespective of what weather, always carry a sunscreen with good SPF.

I hope you carry all these products on your new adventure. Till the time we come back with our next post/shoot please do take care of yourself.

Love you all,


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